iPad 2 iPad 3 iPad 4 One handed iPad holder iPad case iPad accessories iPad holder Handle  iPad case
iPad 2 iPad 3 iPad 4 One handed iPad holder iPad case iPad accessories iPad holder Handle  iPad case


It's the only way to "handle" your tablet!

Video Chat Apps



Technology is forever advancing revealing new and more intimate  methods of communication. Video apps such as FaceTime, Skype, Google Talk, Tango, Hangouts, and Camfrog, are perfect tools for us to see, and talk to our out of state family, friends, and coworkers. Conducting business meetings, conference calls, and other functions with these apps are effective. The problem is keeping the tablets straight and camera steady while holding them in the traditional way is cumbersome and awkward. The Grab-N-Fly solves this problem by allowing you to hold your tablet securely with one hand in front of you like a hand held vanity mirror all while keeping you within the viewfinder, and the picture focused effortlessly. It also makes it simple and safer to hand the tablet over to someone else when it's their turn to conversate and hold the tablet.



The future is here. Our kids no longer play with just action figures, barbie dolls, play doe, and Hotwheels. If you have children, then you know they are pretty nifty with these tablets. You also know that when they are occupied with games and puzzle apps, mom and dad get some much cherished quite time. But tablets are a significant investment, and are extremely fragile. They are not toys, but the kids don't understand that. Adults drop them all the time, let alone the kids. That's why you can find shops that fix broken iPad screens on every corner in your city.  The Grab-N-Fly with it's soft ergonomic handle allows children and adults alike a secure way to hold and grip their iPad. The Grab-N-Fly greatly reduces the chance of your kids dropping their tablets, and give them fun way to  play with, and carry  their tablets.

Less Worry When The Kids Think It's A Toy.




At the park, on the beach, by the pool, or on vacation, with WiFi and mobile internet, our tablets are connected almost everywhere we go. With the Grab-N-Fly tablet holder, you can free up one hand for other activities while secureing your tablet in the grip of your other. Effortlessly share your tablet screen with others, stabilize your camera while recording events, watch movies, take selfies, and post pictures on all on the go effortlessly with ease and control. Once you use your tablet with the Grab-N-Fly,  you'll will never go back to the old way. Get a Grip!   Grab-N-Fly



Laying In Bed




How true is this?  The last thing most of us see before going to sleep is our phone, or tablet's screen. Watching Netflix,  youtube, reading blogs, playing games, or checking social media before bed time has become a ritual. When lying on your back, we tend to prop our tablets on our stomach or chest to view it's  screen that's leveled with our torso. This puts a strain on our neck and shoulder muscles resulting in discomfort or even a stiff neck. With the Grab-N-Fly, it's handle gives the tablet a few extra inches of lift when it's resting on your stomach so yor tablet's screen is above eye level. This height advange allows for comfortable video viewing, and web surfing while rest in bed on your back. 

Taking Selfie's



Selfies have become a part of pop culture. We seem to be infatuated with taking pics of ourselves costantly to post online. Selfie's on phones are a little akward but mobile phones are smaller and fit into the palm of our hand so we've learned to master them, Also, with the invention of the "Selfie Stick"  if your on social media, you know we've worked that out quite well. However, taking selfies on a tablet is almost impossible. Not only is it hard to hold the tablet stretched out in front you and press the button, it is likely to slip and fall right out of your hand while atempting this akward and combersome manuver.  With Grab-N-Fly taking selfies with your tablet is as easy as one, two, three. Get a Grip!



As we know tablets are becoming a tool that most businesses  are utilizing in thier curiculum on a day to day basis and the construction, and other out door jobs are no exception. Companies are realizing that tablets allow plans to be viewed on site in the palm of their employee's hands. Capturing images, and recording video of property can be done in the field and emailed to clients and staff on the go. However, using  tablets on a work site will limit your mobility, balance, dexterity, and will occupy both hands.  This is not safe for workers who have heavy machinery, uneven terrain, and debris, in their environment. The Grab-N-Fly makes it safer because it frees a hand, increasing balance, and dexteriry. Foreman, engineers, architecs, crews,  Get a Grip, Grab-N-Fly!







Construction/Field Work


For The Kids